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My name is Mathias Foot and I am a freelance motion designer, strategist and design mentor. 

I love setting playful designs in motion, connecting people and helping to find their visual identity.

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RnD “Play Doh”

A self-induced RnD project to experiment with X-Particles and Editing. I especially enjoyed the sound design and editing process.

Technical details:
Designed and animated in Cinema 4D. Clay sim done with X-Particles. Edited in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

 Frame from the animation.
It all started out with this sketch in my sketchbook.

To add some lightness and liveliness (and also because I really wanted to put the customized Redshift shader to a test) I added these bubbles.
Frame from the simulation in X-Particles
Process rendering of the simulation utilizing C4D deformers and X-Particles for the clay. 
I love when technical details could work in real life as well. Therefore I tried out different cogwheel sizes and positions. This one looked and felt perfect ︎
I mostly use rough sketches to quickly visualize ideas or thoughts. For the next steps I jump directly into Cinema 4D.