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My name is Mathias Foot and I am a freelance motion designer, strategist and design mentor. 

I love setting playful designs in motion, connecting people and helping to find their visual identity.

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This︎is me. Before I got into Design in 2013 I had a formal education as a stained glass window manufacturer at the Gustav Van Treeck studios in Munich. After several years as a journeyman in Munich and abroad my love for the sea and design first led me to Hamburg, then to Kiel and eventually to northern Denmark (in September 2022). As you might be able to tell from my work water and waves are a great source of inspiration for me. They are the number one sources for both my flow and drive. Besides that I love supporting people with my knowledge, empathy and passion.

After graduating in Interactive Media Design (B.A.) from Muthesius University of Arts and Design I started my freelance career as a Designer in 2018. Since then I have expanded my skills into multidisciplinary fields such as Exhibition Design, UX Design, Motion Graphics as well as Design Counseling / Mentoring. Since 2018 I am a lecturer at the Muthesius University of Arts and Design where I teach Cinema 4D and 3D Motion Design and have been supporting various clients in the RnD process.

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Cinema 4D, Red Shift, X-Particles, After Effects and the Adobe gang, VVVV, Blender, CSS & Html (basic).  Recently I started with Python, ThreeJs and the Unity game engine btw.

I speak German and English fluently and am learning Danish since 2022.

Being told to be a very friendly and empathic person I guess it’s just right to add it here ︎


I am using various AI tools such as Chat GPT, Stable Diffusion and Runway to enhance my conception and design thinking workflow. To be transparent I am marking AI generated content in my portfolio as such to distinguish it from my own Designs.


In the past I’ve worked for international clients from a vast variety of fields:

Superschwarz, Science Communication Lab, Kunsthal Thy, The Animation Workshop, Perspektive hoch 3, OQmented GmbH, Heinrich-Böll Stiftung, Anschar GmbH, Mercedes Benz, IQ.SH, Havas, Instut für Genderforschung und Diversity, wirmachenbunt, Geomar, MLP Finanzberatung, CAU Kiel, Zoologisches Museum Kiel, DAV-SH, Sadpro GmbH


︎ hello[at]

︎ +45 60517913

︎North Jutland, DK

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CVR-nr: 43736299

Bonus part: Why piedpied?

You might wonder why I am not using my actual name for this website. The answer is fairly simple as there’s already a website from a German hair-stylist whose name is spelled exactly like mine (what are the odds?).  To avoid legal conflicts on the one hand and as I already felt quite comfortable by using “monsieur pied” as an alias on the other hand I decided to use the french word for “foot” instead ︎