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My name is Mathias Foot and I am a freelance motion designer, strategist and design mentor. 

I love setting playful designs in motion, connecting people and helping to find their visual identity.

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Pied [pje]

This short looping animation was a fun side-project when I designed a key visual for my social media account on Instagram.

Obviously the animation is all about my last name and heavily inspired by surfing. So you can see a foot “hanging five” on the tip of a surfboard (an old-school manoeuvre in longboarding). Also some stylised waves are wiggling happily along on the bottom. The fish is something that I build into my illustrations quite often as it resembles a very strange (and secret) event when I started out surfing. The wagtail standing on top of the foot is just another little friend that I like to put in my personal work ︎ Another element is my former profession of manufacturing stained-glass windows which shows through the use of heavy contours and lines. Well and I sometimes just like to colour my toenails. So here you have the whole piece ︎

Technical details:
Designed in Adobe Illustrator, animated in After Effects